Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to explore life at Crossroads Baptist Church. Crossroads is a place with a simple vision:

love God. love Others. serve the World.

We want to help you discover the great God of the Bible and to grow in love for Him. If we grow in that love for God, we will certainly love others. As an extension of how we love others, we will serve the world.

We realize that there are many people with the memories of painful and confusing church experiences in their past. If you are one of those individuals, you are not alone! At Crossroads, we believe people matter to God. Here you will hear stories of how God has taken the scars, brokenness, and pain of the past and replaced it a new life in Jesus.

We don’t promise to have all of the answers. We don’t promise to be a perfect church. But we are committed to doing the best we can to build authentic community with others and following Christ to the best of our ability. I’ve found that knowing, loving, and serving Jesus is what makes life make sense.

We are truly honored that you are here. Please be our guest at our next worship gathering! Click here for more details about our service.

-Rob Sumrall, Senior Pastor

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